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Last Updated 9/22/2015

  • NPHL Newsletter (Summer 2015)
    • NPHL Updates
    • Culture-Independent Testing for Gastrointestinal Pathogens
    • Collection and Transport of High Consequence Pathogens
    • Arbovirus Testing at NPHL
    • Algorithm for the Detection of CRE
    • Meet the Laboratorian - Donnet Knapp

  • NPHL Newsletter (Spring 2014)
    • New Testing for Carbapenem Resistance
    • Rapid Identification of Positive Blood Cultures
    • LOINC, SNOWMED CT and Meaningful Use
    • West Nile Virus Testing at NPHL
    • Unannounced DOT/FAA Inspections-Changes Stressed
    • What ER Staff Need to Know About Specimen Collection During a Disaster
    • Salmonella Alphabet Word Search.…………
    • Congratulations to Dr. Hinrichs!
    • Meet the Laboratorian - Dean Taubenheim
    • Salmonella Alphabet Word Search Answers

  • NPHL Newsletter (Fall 2013)
    • NPHL Updates
    • Cyclosporiasis Outbreak 2013
    • Changes in LRN Sentinel Lab Protocols
    • Salmonella serotyping at NPHL
    • The State PHL in Nebraska: the First Hundred Years
    • Upcoming NPHL Events 2014

  • NPHL Newsletter (Spring 2013)
    • NPHL Updates
    • Influenza 2013 Update
    • Best Practices in the TB Laboratory Diagnostics
    • Neisseria gonorrhoeae AST at NPHL
    • Norovirus Testing in Nebraska
    • Meet the Laboratorian - Kathy Talmon

  • NPHL Newsletter (Summer 2012)
    • NPHL Updates
    • Lead Testing at NPHL
    • Measeles Makes a Comeback
    • To Screen or Not to Screen for Shigatoxin
    • Listeria Monocytogenes Outbreak in 2011
    • NPHL Newsletter Goes Electronic
    • Meet the Laboratorians at NPHL

  • NPHL Newsletter (Summer 2011)
    • Updated Recommendations for the Prevention of Perinatal Group B Streptococcal Disease
    • What's in the Water
    • Activities in the Chemistry Section of the NPHL
    • Shipping Isolates to the NPHL
    • Meet the Laboratorian- Rex F. Famitangco
  • Spring 2011 Newsletter (complete)
    • Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases in Nebraska
    • A Case Study in Vibrio cholerae
    • Brief Review of Terminology in Public Health
    • Meet the Laboratorian
    • Biofilm: Impact on Clinical Laboratory Testing
  • Fall 2010 Newsletter (complete)
    • Tuberculosis in Nebraska
    • Francisella tularensis Research at UNMC
    • Changes in Nebraska Reportable Conditions
    • What's in a Name?   A Taxonomic Overview of the Genus Cronobacter sakazakii
    • Certification Maintenance Program and Board of Certification
  • Spring 2010 Newsletter (complete)
    • All Events are Local - Hospital CT Preparedness
    • Pandemic H1N1 Update
    • New Recommendations for Routine GC/CT Screening
    • CAP/CLIA Regulatory Updates
    • Meet the Laboratorian - Dan Griess