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Testing Results
IMPORTANT! Sites requesting testing must have approval from the appropriate state or local health department before submitting specimens. Approval must be sent to NPHL by email at or by calling (402) 559-9444.

A Special Microbiology Form must accompany the specimens. Some tests require additional forms and patient history. This will be listed below when applicable. When requested, testing will not be performed without all required information.

Please call NPHL Client Services at (402) 559-2440 or toll free at (866) 290-1406 for further clarification.


  Test: Bacterial Organism Identification for Confirmation of Reportable Disease Isolates 
  Method: Standard reference procedures for bacterial identification 
  Availability: Monday through Friday by 0900 
  Specimen: Submit actively-growing isolated organism in pure culture on agar slant 
  Collection Device:  
  Storage/Transport: Submit organism in NPHL Triple Pack at room temperature. Specimen must be shipped via NPHL ground courier or Federal Express. Call NPHL at 402.559.2440 or 866.290.1406 for pickup. 
  Unacceptable: Nonviable organism, mixed culture, leaking container 
  Specimen Stability:  
  Reference Interval: Full identification of clinically significant isolates 
  Reportable Disease:  
  Comments: Indicate source of organism, identification test results, suspected infection and any other pertinent information. For AFB mycobacterium isolates, see "AFB/Mycobacterium Identification." See "Escherichia coli (Hemorrhagic) Culture, Stool" for confirmation of E. coli 0157:H7 isolates. 
  Revised: 2/13/2012 


If you have questions about proper specimen collection, please call NPHL Client Services at (402) 559-2440 or toll free at (866) 290-1406.