Test: Corynebacterium diphtheriae Culture 
  Synonym: Diphtheriae Culture 
  Method: Standard reference procedure for C. diphtheriae culture and identification 
  Availability: Daily; results in 72 hours 
  Specimen: Swab of nasopharynx plus swab of throat at site of membrane, inflammation, or wound 
  Collection Device: Culturette swab with Stuart's or Amies media 
  Storage/Transport: Ambient; must be received by lab within 24 hours of collection 
  Unacceptable: Specimens older than 24 hours; refrigerated or frozen specimens 
  Specimen Stability: Stable at ambient 
  Reference Interval: Negative 
  Reportable Disease:  
  Comments: If collected from wound, clean wound first 
  Revised: 2/13/2012