Test: Lead, Blood 
  Synonym: Pb 
  Method: Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) 
  Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Friday by 11:00. Monday and Wednesday results in 24 hours, Friday results available the following Monday. 
  Specimen: Blood 
  Collection Device: 6.0 mL EDTA (Lavender) tube or EDTA Microtainer 
  Volume: 0.2 mL whole blood 
  Storage/Transport: Refrigerated 
  Unacceptable: Clotted samples, insufficient volume 
  Specimen Stability: Stable refrigerated 
  Reference Interval: < 15 years of age: < 5.0 µg/dL
> 15 years of age: < 25.0 µg/dL

Providers notified of values > 25.0 µg/dL

> 70.0 µg/dL is considered a critical value 
  Reportable Disease:  
  Revised: 5/2/2013