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Testing Results
IMPORTANT! Pre-approval needed from state or local health department. Local or State Health Department. Send approval to or call (402) 559-9444.

NPHL has moved to an electronic ordering system, NUlirt, and it is now the preferred method to order all tests. Once ordered, print a "batch list" (see NUlirt Guide).

Forms Required - Nulirt batch list or NPHL Test Request Form (completed in entirety) must accompany the specimen to include the following information: symptoms and date of onset, pregnancy status, travel and vaccine history. Testing will not be performed without all required information.


  Test: Zinc, Serum (ZINCS)  
  Method: ICP-MS  
  Availability: Thursday by 09:00 AM Same day reporting  
  Specimen: Serum  
  Collection Device: Royal Blue Tube (No additive)  Draw blood using metal free materials, syringe, test tube, and stopper. Specimen Preparation: 
  1. Allow blood to clot for 30-40 minutes (no longer that 60 minutes)
  2. Centrifuge for 10 inutes at 2400 rpm
  3. Pour serum into polyethylene tubes or metal free tubes
  Volume: Optimum: 0.5 mL Minimum: 0.2 mL  

Ambient, Refrigerated, or Frozen Specimens up to 28 days after collection

  Unacceptable: Patients that have recently had a procedure involving barium intake  
  Specimen Stability: Ambient, Refrigerated, or Frozen specimens up to 28 days from collection.  
  Reference Interval: 60-120 µg/dL  
  Reportable Disease:  
  • No fasting or special diets are required.
  • Presence of barium will give elevated values.
  • Diet, medication and nutritional supplements may introduce interfering substances.
  • Patients should be encouraged to discontinue nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals and non-essential over-the-counter medications (Upon the advice of their physician)
  Revised: 5/15/2023 


If you have questions about proper specimen collection, please call NPHL Client Services at (402) 559-2440 or toll free at (866) 290-1406.