Banking (including Confirmation) of Cryptosporidium or Cyclospora Positive Stools 
Order in NUlirt or complete NPHL Test Order Form






Test performed Monday – Friday; Turnaround time 24h


CDC Fixatives/Preservatives Compatible with Molecular Detection

  Collection Device:

Submit original container: Cary-Blair, Enteric Plus, TotalFix, Unifix, Ecofix, modified PVA (Zn- or Cu-based)
Specimen Labeling: Test subject to CLIA regulations and required 2 patient identifiers on specimen container and requisition forms


1-5mL for fresh stool; 10mL stool in Cary-Blair or Enteric Plus Maintenance media.


Prior to and during shipment:  Ambient 15-25°C
Shipping instructions, including specimen-handling requirements during transport:  Seal screw-top tubes with Parafilm™ or tape and place in biohazard bag with absorbent material.

Place specimen inside leak proof secondary container (biohazard bag and if transporting by air, use Tyvek™ Envelope) ) with adsorbent material. The secondary container must be packed inside an approved Category B shipping container filled with dry ice to keep specimen frozen. Position NUlirt packing list or NPHL Test Order form between secondary container and box lid. Seal with tape.  Label outer box as UN3373 Category B, Biological Substance. Transport by NPHL ground courier. If courier not available, ship by FedEx, UPS, or USPS (1st Class, Priority or Express Mail). Follow appropriate DOT/IATA Regulation Guidelines.  For assistance, call NPHL State Training Coordinator at (402) 559-3590.  
See instructions and shipping address: http://nphl.org/

NUlirt packing list or appropriate paperwork (completed in entirety) must accompany specimens.


Incorrect collection device containing Formalin i.e.) SAF, LV-PVA, ProtoFix

  Specimen Stability:

Ambient, Submit with 72h

  Reference Interval:


  Reportable Disease:

Report positive Cryptosporidium or Cyclospora within 7d to local or state health department. Refer to Nebraska DHHS Title 173, Communicable Diseases.


All stools positive for Cryptosporidium or Cyclospora should be submitted to NPHL Positive tests may include:

  1. Rapid card or lateral flow assay i.e.) Expect, Alere, ColorPac, TechLab, or other approved rapid card tests
  2. Stool Immunoassay i.e. EIA microplate
  3. Direct Fluorescent Antibody (DFA) or Direct Immunofluorscent Antibody (IFA)
  4. Staining & microscopy i.e.) modified acid fast stain
  5. PCR i.e.) Holigic, BioFire, BD Max, Verigene or other lab-developed test.
  Revised: 6/11/2021