Test: Respiratory Syncytial Virus Direct Antigen Detection 
  Synonym: RSV Direct 
  Method: Enzymatic Immunoassay 
  Availability: Daily; routine results within 4 hours and stat results within 1 hour of specimen receipt in the Microbiology Laboratory 
  Specimen: Nasopharyngeal wash, aspirate, or swab 
  Collection Device: Place specimen in viral transport media 
  Volume: 3.0 mL wash (Min: 2.0 mL) 
  Storage/Transport: Refrigerate; must be received by laboratory within 72 hours 
  Unacceptable: BAL,sputum, smears, bronchial washings 
  Specimen Stability: Refrigerated, < 72 hours 
  Reference Interval: Negative 
  Reportable Disease:  
  Comments: A negative screen does not rule out RSV. 
  Revised: 7/11/2011