Test: HIV Antigen/Antibody Panel 
  Synonym: HIV ELISA screen, HIV screen 
  Method: Multiplex flow immunoassay 
  Availability: Daily, results in 24 hours 
  Specimen: Blood 
  Collection Device: 6 ml SST (Gold) tube, 6ml Clot (Red) tube, or 5 ml EDTA (Lavender) tube 
  Volume: Minimum 0.5 ml serum or plasma 
  Storage/Transport: Refrigerated. If transport of specimen not on the same day as collected, centrifuge and aliquot the serum or plasma into a clean tube. 
  Unacceptable: Samples in sodium citrate, other body fluids, hemolyzed specimens, specimen on cells > 24 hours 
  Specimen Stability: After separation from cells: ambient if < 24 hours; refrigerated if > 24 hours up to 14 days; frozen if > 14 days. 
  Reference Interval: Nonreactive 
  Reportable Disease: Reactive is reportable 
  Comments: Reflexed to HIV 1,2 Antibody confirmation testing if antigen/antibody screen is reactive.

Detection of HIV-1 p 24 antigen in the absence of detectable HIV antibody may indicate an acute infection. Confirmation testing is performed using the quantitative HIV RNA assay.

All HIV-2 antibody reactive will be confirmed by the CDC. 
  Revised: 2/28/2017