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Infectious Disease Topics
  • Arbovirus (coming soon)

  • Foodborne (coming soon)

  • High Consequence Pathogens (coming soon)

  • Influenza

  • Zika Virus

  • Zika Virus Testing
    • All Zika Virus testing MUST be approved by local or state health department. After approval, specimens can be sent to NPHL.
    • Use NUlirt system to order test
    • Information that must be included on the form include:
      • Travel Dates
      • Travel Location
      • Symptom Onset Date
      • Pregnancy Status for Females
    • If specimen was collected within 14 days of initial onset of symptoms, PCR testing needs to be performed in lieu of serology testing. Under the Serology section of the requisition check "OTHER:" and write in "Zika PCR."
    • Zika RNA Test Information
    • Zika Serology Test Information

  • Other Pathogens of Interest (coming soon)